ASAP Ferg Discusses ASAP Mob Drama, Says He’s Dropping a Song With ‘All the Answers You Want’

Fresh off the release of his latest project 'Floor Seats II,' ASAP Ferg stopped by Hot 97 to talk about how that recent ASAP Mob drama unfolded.

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Fresh off the release of his latest project Floor Seats II, ASAP Ferg stopped by Hot 97 to talk about how that ASAP Mob drama unfolded over the past month or so.

ASAP Illz said that Ferg was no longer a part of ASAP Mob back in August, which was corroborated by ASAP Bari (who pleaded guilty to sexual assault in 2019). ASAP Nast has said Ferg is very much still a part of the Mob, however, and the "Shabba Ranks" rapper has since teased he will speak out further about what went down.

"It was something super petty, but to make a long story short...I address it in a song called 'Big ASAP' that I'm adding on to the project in a week," Ferg explained, indicating he'll be going more into the specifics of the complicated situation in the near future. "You're gonna get all the answers you want out of that song."

Despite the drama surrounding his inclusion in ASAP Mob, which he is very much still a part of, he said the timing worked out well for his project release. "They gave me promo I couldn't pay for," he said with a smile. "That A is still in my name, that A is still tatted on me."

He was also asked if there is ever an ASAP Mob without Ferg, which is something he shot down promptly. "I am in in the ASAP Mob," he replied. "I mean, who's been waving this flag for the past couple years?"

When the situation went down, Ferg was actually with Rocky at the time, who he implied was just as confused. "We were working on music for most of quarantine," Ferg added, while explaining that he's going to leave the specifics for the release of his "Big ASAP" track. "Some people feel a way," he concluded.

Elsewhere in the chat, he also spoke about how his Marilyn Manson collaboration went down. When he went to DM Manson on Instagram, Ferg told him he had a song named after him that he wanted to get him on. "I got it already," Manson replied, and Ferg explained that he somehow got it through a PR person before the two of them even had a chance to meet. In fact, Manson had used it at multiple live shows as music he'd walk out to.

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