Yeat Addresses LAPD Shutting Down His ‘2 Alivë’ Album Listening Party

The Los Angeles Police Department decided to put an early end to the up-and-coming Portland artist’s listening event at the Roxy over the weekend.

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L.A. was yearning for Yeat this weekend. 

While the 20-year-old newcomer is generating plenty of buzz with his rage anthems, his album listening event over the week wound up being shut down by police. 

The Los Angeles Police Department decided to put an early end to the Portland artist’s listening event for his new effort 2 Alivë, after several fans tried to rush the venue without tickets. The scene can be viewed above in a video from CBS Los Angeles, where multiple police cars are lined up on the street as a crowd of apparent Yeat fans wait outside the Roxy. As HotNewHipHop points out, Yeat addressed the incident on Instagram.

Screengrab from Yeat's Instagram Stories

“Yall insane,” he wrote on Instagram. “[Shut] da shit down NEWS pulled up we #TRËNDY we gone do a part 2 dont worry.”

Videos circulating the internet, some shared by Yeat himself, show what appears to be a helicopter flying above the venue as Yeat fans scream in excitement, with several officers standing outside in an attempt to keep things orderly. 

Screengrab from Yeat's Instagram Stories
Screengrab from Yeat's Instagram Stories

The new Yeat release features appearances from Young ThugGunna, Yung Kayo, Ken Carson, and SeptembersRich. Zack Bia, who signed Yeat to his Field Trip label in partnership with Geffen Records, told Complex what he sees in the artist in a new interview. 

“Yeat is such a visionary artist, in terms of creating a whole lingo, having a very unique style of music, and building a whole world around it,” Bia said. “He’s created something so unique that people can really buy into, so I don’t want to take credit for any of it. It’s all Yeat, and I’m just here to plug in the plays behind the scenes, and help facilitate all the relationships. I’m here to make sure the music is packaged right and handle all the things that a label executive should.”

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