Tony Yayo Explains Why the Beef Between 50 Cent and the Game Started

In a new interview, Tony Yayo talked about the real reason behind 50 Cent’s beef with The Game, and as he explains, it stemmed from another industry beef. 

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Tony Yayo is opening up about 50 Cent’s beef with The Game, and as he explains, it stemmed from another industry beef. 

In a new interview with VladTV, Yayo reveals that the pair’s rocky relationship was the result of an existing beef between Jimmy Henchman, the former CEO of Czar which repped Game, and Chris Lighty, the co-founder of Violator and manager of Fif. Yayo told Vlad that “Jimmy Henchman never liked Chris Lighty,” and that it was “always jealousy,” between them. That animosity, he says, rubbed off on the artists they represented. 

“Chris Lighty always had hate from people,” Yayo said. “… The Henchman beef, I didn’t know the guy. I felt like it was inherited from Chris Lighty, you know, he never liked the guy.”

As a result of the apparent rivalry, 50 Cent and Game’s relationship suffered, as 50 eventually booted Game from G-Unit. As for why that took place to begin with, Yayo pointed to “egos.”

“You gotta understand man, listen, check this out. When you in a group man, it’s egos man. Motherfuckers is from the hood. N***s ain’t got no money. No financial experience, nothing. Ain’t made a dollar. You know there’s egos there, man, it’s egos. For Game, I looked at it like I heard the songs co-written by 50, it was fire. I just looked at it as the ultimate assist.”

During the same interview, Yayo spoke on the shooting that took place outside of Hot 97 back in 2005 involving Game’s entourage, which further cemented the beef between Game and G-Unit. Yayo now calls the ordeal “kind of stupid.”

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“All it was, was a lot of money missed,” he said. “In the midst of that beef, we could’ve went on tour with Game… We could’ve made our own bag. It’s just the egos. Yayo was the one humble n***a. I never had an ego because I’m straight from the block. So for me seeing the world and making a bag… I was happy with what I had but there’s always egos involved.”

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