T.I. Reportedly Asks Judge to Throw Away Sabrina Peterson Defamation Suit

According to documents obtained by TMZ, T.I. says his accuser's reputation is bad as is and that she can’s sue and Tiny him over their opinions. 

ti suit

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ti suit

After Sabrina Peterson accused T.I. of holding a gun to her head, then hitting the rapper with a defamation lawsuit, the Atlanta MC is asking a judge to throw away the suit, TMZ reports

In her suit, Peterson claims that T.I. and Tiny used social media and public statements in an effort to start a smear campaign against her, but according to documents obtained by TMZ, T.I. says her reputation is bad as is. He also reportedly claims that she can’s sue him over their opinions. 

Andrew Brettler, T.I.’s lawyer, stated that his accuser “is an adjudged liar, a convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet for crimes involving dishonesty and violent assault, and has a reputation for being unscrupulous.”

The initial defamation suit reportedly touches on how Tiny called Peterson “strange,” and wrote online that “everybody know you been special.”

While it’s unclear whether the judge will toss out the suit, this news comes months after T.I. and Tiny were accused by dozens of women over alleged drugging, rape, and kidnapping. The accusations began circulating when Peterson shared her initial accusation on Jan. 26, followed by 30 other alleged accusations, as several women accused the pair of drugging, abusing, and sex-trafficking them and others in 2010.

Reports have since emerged claiming that the couple is being investigated by the LAPD, but their attorney Steve Sadow claimed they weren’t aware of the matter back in May. T.I. has addressed some accusations in his new song as well.

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