Cardi B Addresses Fan Who Implied She Is the Breadwinner in Marriage With Offset

After an influencer wrote that Cardi “really be keeping the lights on at her and Offset house," Cardi made sure to share just how hard Offset works.

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cardi offset

Cardi B had some words for a Twitter user who seemingly slighted Offset in an effort to commend her hard work. But now, it seems they’re on pretty good terms. 

After influencer @jiggyjayy2 wrote that Cardi “really be keeping the lights on at her and Offset house, she stay working hard and he be…,” seemingly implying that Offset doesn’t work as hard as his partner, Cardi made sure to respond. 

“My man literally perform this mornin for college game day, performing later on again tonight after celebrating the finally of his HBO last night flying in tomorrow to ring the bell Monday on a investment,” Cardi shared. “You must got my n***a confuse wit the n***as you f*****n and maintaining.”

The influencer then responded, writing that she was “being a lil shady to offset cause he a cheater,” that Cardi “really stayed booked in busy, she be everywhere” and that she understands her decision to defend her husband. Still, she added that she hopes the pair could be cool, and it seems Cardi agrees. 

“I’m seeing you being attacked now in the name of Offset when it’s clearly because you’re pretty and popular and I can relate to that,” Cardi wrote after telling her that it was all “cool.” “So let’s have lunch on set?”

Cardi also addressed a user who said she only “claps back at Black women,” writing that the “narrative is getting tired” and retweeting some fans who agreed.

Check out Cardi’s latest tweets below as the two likely make those lunch plans official. 

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