Bhad Bhabie Says Utah Treatment Center Led to Her Being ‘Malnourished, Abused’ and Must Be ‘Shut Down Immediately’

The Florida rapper made some troubling claims about the Utah ranch on Instagram following a 19-year-old woman's lawsuit alleging sexual assault.

bhad bhabie

Photography by Paul Archuleta/Stringer via Getty Images

bhad bhabie

Bhad Bhabie is calling out a Utah treatment facility for toubled teens, claiming that she was “abused” and “malnourished” while spending time there.

The 17-year-old Florida rapper took to Instagram this weekend, saying the abuse took place while staying at Turn-About Ranch treatment facility in Escalante, Utah. Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, shared a video of 19-year-old Hannah Archuleta, who filed a lawsuit alleging she was sexually assaulted by a man working at the ranch. Archuleta was sent to the ranch after appearing on the Dr. Phil show in 2019. She has not accused Dr. Phil of any wrongdoing.

“There’s been a Murder at this facility, reports of torture and now a report of sexual abuse and dr. Phil still continues to send trouble children here even after knowing this stuff has happened at this facility,” Bregoli wrote on Instagram. “This makes my blood boil. I went through being malnourished, abused, and having to do hard labor and being there while someone was murdered. I came back with more trauma then I went there with. I was sent to this place to get help. Hannah went to this place to get help what she got was the complete opposite @turnabout_ranch needs to be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY and staff should receive consequences for how they treat helpless children.”

Bhabie is likely referring to a 2016 murder, when a teenager beat a 61-year-old ranch staffer to death with a metal bar. She also claimed the ranch doesn’t allow teenagers to call their parents during their stay.

“They can’t tell them what’s going on the ranch takes advantage of that,” Bregoli wrote. “If children don’t listen to them they don’t even let them use a proper rest room or eat real food they separate them from the other children, force them to sit in a desk facing a wall, make them do hard labor, use a porta potty, eat peanut butter sandwiches and cold ramen, sit it below freezing temperatures, pick weeds and put together over 20 piles of horse manure with a wheelbarrow. How is punishing children supposed to help them become better!!??”

Archuleta’s lawsuit claims the staff at Turn-About Ranch “took no remedial action” and “retaliated against Ms. Archuleta by subjecting her to both physical and emotional abuse to silence her.” The ranch issued a lengthy statement to KSTU, “strongly denying the allegations” that Archuleta’s lawyer Gloria Allred shared in a press conference.

“Turn about ranch treatment facility punished this young lady Hannah for reporting that one of their staff members assaulted her,” Bregoli wrote. “Keep in mind when your at this program you can NOT have any contact at all with your parents nor able to use a phone this girl couldn’t even call the police if she tried.”

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