Track-By-Track: a l l i e Breaks Down Her ‘Moonlust’ EP

The Toronto singer unveils four therapeutic songs chronicling intimacy, love lost, and finding yourself.

Artwork by Khan Nova

Toronto-based vocalist a l l i e is capping off a breakout year with the release of Moonlust, a four song EP flush with dreamy electro-soul instrumentals in partnership with go-to producers Elaquent, Nick Wisdom, and Da-P.

Meditative and therapeutic, the sonics present on Moonlust become a conduit for the listener’s own extraplanetary contemplation, supplying an ambient dreamscape filled with elastic grooves and melodies. But, when you lock into a l l i e’s vocal—and you will—a lyrical journal reveals itself, chronicling perceived missteps, intimacy, love lost, and finding yourself. It’s sensual, soothing, and incredibly affecting all at once.  

“This EP embodies one year of my life, one phase of my artistic evolution,” a l l i e says. “Moonlust is about being drawn to the intangible, and being in love with something that you can't quite touch.”  

We asked a l l i e to walk us through Moonlust from start to finish. Here’s what she had to say about each track.

“Yemi's Song” (Prod. Elaquent)

“Remedy” (Prod. Nick Wisdom)

“Tundra” (Prod. Da-P)

“Keep On” (Prod. Elaquent)

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