Valee Responds to Criticism Over Dyeing His Dog's Hair Red

Valee doesn't want to hear it.


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Valee is defending his decision to dye his dog red after some people on Twitter came for him. 

The Chicago rapper shared a photo of his tiny pet dyed bright red yesterday, leading to a brigade of pet owners and activists who wanted to tell him he was out of line.


— Valee (@valee) May 27, 2019

They completely disregarded his joke ("he reddi for da bitchz") to tell him that he didn't care about his dog.

Someone needs to report this animal abuse!

— Papibeauty 🇵🇷 (@isaacosanti) May 27, 2019

Valee had to correct them and let them know that he had done his homework.  He said that the dye he used was chemical-free and non-toxic, perfect for the occasional dog dip dye.

dis edible vegan dye... no chemicals. And it’s 60 degrees here, not hot. y’all wild

— Valee (@valee) May 28, 2019

"Dis edible vegan dye... no chemicals," he wrote. "And it’s 60 degrees here, not hot. y’all wild."

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper didn't spend his entire day fielding hate tweets. There were quite a few people who could enjoy the joy of a unprompted bright red dog.

This dog walk like @valee rap

— Bitch Im Trappin (@CALLTHESHOOTA) May 28, 2019

That man @valee got a flaming hot Cheeto dog 😂

— No Jumper (@nojumper) May 27, 2019


— JOLLE (@jollebeats) May 27, 2019

His name is Ketchup

— Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive) May 27, 2019

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