Juicy J Talks Friendship With Mac Miller and Possible Three 6 Mafia Reunion

He also shared how "Slob on My Knob" came to exist.

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"Slob on My Knob" might not come within shooting distance of the list of most-important rap songs of all time, but that's only because the critics who write it probably weren't in middle school when it dropped. Juicy J stopped by Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning earlier today and the hosts had to talk about the creation of his classic. 

That "Knob" was so appealing to the teenage set makes a good bit of sense. Juicy revealed that he wrote the song when he was a teen himself.

"That song legendary," he said. "I wrote it when I was in 11th grade."

Juicy thought the song was nothing more than a goof until he played it out for crowds and saw their reactions. 

"I started DJing this club in South Memphis," he explained. "I played the song one time and the next week  I came back the next Sunday... Everybody that was walking in the club was like 'Yo, Juicy man. Play that song you played last week.' And I was like what song? They was like 'Slob on Knob.' I was like 'You like that stupid song?'"

Juicy said that he "didn't think the song was going to be anything" until he got multiple requests for it in the same night. 

"I had to play it like 6 to 7 times the whole night," he said. "They kept coming to the DJ booth. Every time I played it the club went crazy." 

Ebro and Co. also picked Juicy's brain about everything from his friendship with Mac Miller and a potential Three 6 Mafia reunion. Juicy played at Mac Miller's tribute concert and said that he's sad the rapper is gone.

"Man, I miss Mac Miller," he said. "Last time I saw him we was in the studio last year. We made a great song and you know, it's messed up." 

Juicy said that a Three 6 Mafia reunion might be in the cards, provided they can work out a few kinks.

"Somebody trying to book a show in Memphis," he said. "That might be the first show."

"There's a lot of different things we need to talk about," J added when asked what sort of obstacles are in the way of a full reunion. "I'm going to leave it at that."    

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