Dame Dash on JAY-Z's NFL Deal: 'It's Common Knowledge That JAY Ain't Sh*t'

Dame fully believes that JAY-Z snaked Jermaine Dupri on an NFL deal.

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Dame Dash suffers from a particularly biblical sort of curse. He turns into a pillar of salt any time he looks back on his partnership with JAY-Z. With people piling on Jigga over his NFL deal, you know that Dash had to find a mic fast. 

In an interview with Adam22 of No Jumper, Dame addressed the rumor that JAY-Z snaked Jermaine Dupri to get a deal with the NFL. Both Funkmaster Flex and Brian-Michael Cox claimed that Jay talked Dupri out of working with the NFL, then turned around and secured a partnership for himself. Dash couldn't be less surprised.

"I mean, everybody knows JAY ain't shit," Dash said at the 29:00 mark. "If you ask anyone in the industry, it's a common knowledge that JAY ain't shit."

Dash explained that JAY has no motivators beyond money and claimed that he regularly stiffs small fries, knowing that they don't have a platform to push back.

"He's about the bag. We all know that. He's self-preserving. Period. It's just that the people he does it to don't have Beyoncé next to 'em," he said. "They don't have that kind of power, but this dude here, everyone's looking." 


Dupri denied the idea that JAY-Z talked him out of working with the NFL on Atlanta's V-103, but he did admit that a conversation happened where JAY let Dupri know he had his back. 

"He and I never had a conversation where he told me don't do what you're doing," he said. "What our conversation was was that, you know what side I'm on. I understand what you're doing. That's what the conversation was."

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