Trina Slams Allegations of Nicki Minaj Beef: 'I Don't Have Problems With Nobody'

The 45-year-old rapper is once again clarifying that she does not have issues with Minaj after calling Beyoncé "the number one female rapper when she does rap.”

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Trina is clearing the air about her alleged beef with Nicki Minaj.

The Miami rapper, 45, came under fire for a comment she made back in October during an recently-published interview at the One Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. When asked if there was a factor that opened the landscape for a new generation of female rappers, Trina was quick to credit Beyoncé.

Rapper, TRINA, explains how Beyoncé helped open doors for female rappers & and the RENAISSANCE tour.

— Hermaden (Fan Account) (@IChoseViolences) December 27, 2023
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“‘Cause she’s like the number one female rapper when she does rap,” said Trina with a laugh. “When you hear her do a song and it’s rapping involved, it’s just like, ‘Oh my god.’ It’s more inspiration.”

Minaj’s fanbase, the Barbz, didn’t take kindly to Trina’s perceived snub and made their thoughts known on social media. Fans of the Pink Friday 2 rapper widely regard her as the definitive "Queen of Rap," and mentions of anyone other than Minaj in that title never ends well.

Trina defended her stance on Instagram, writing, "I really don’t give a rats ass how anybody feels, I said what I said .. that’s the Queen Bey and I’m gonna STAN on that. Beyoncé is the Queen of rap (when she raps) and all genres of music when it comes to me‼️ Go argue with the IRS or somebody else, I don’t care.”

The Barbz added more fuel to the fire when they resurfaced a video of the 2013 BMI Awards where Trina performed a cover of “Moment 4 Life.” 

I’m sorry I have to laugh because trina was doing nicki tributes when nicki was still a rookie 😭but she wasn’t the one that opened doors for the new girls? Oh okay.

— litgitte 🕷 (@MimieZaforas) December 28, 2023
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Trina eventually caught wind of the discourse surrounding her performance when it was re-shared to an Instagram gossip account and commented, “Yes!! Came thru and slayed it. See that's the thing I don't have any problems with NOBODY ! Im probably the only female artist that always show love to all the female artist. No jealousy No insecurities over here. I'm actually ya favorite fave ... FAVE. Don't let that go over ya head. (Jokes Up)”

She continued in a separate comment, “What's the REAL problem? My choice. My opinion of who I said the queen is. The fuck y'all think this is. A fuckn colt. Now pls leave me alone. I hate coming on here talking to y'all. Bye.”

Alleged beef between the two rap stars isn’t as random as it might sound.

Their collaboration “Baps” (Badass Pretty Sags) was released in 2019 and was the center of some controversy after Reginald Saunders, the head A&R of Trina’s Rockstarr Music Group, called Minaj a “deceiver” and “manipulator” for her lack of support for the track. 

It didn’t help matters when Minaj had hopped on Megan Thee Stallion’s single “Hot Girl Summer” around the same time. Their collaboration would eventually get its own music video, unlike “Baps.” 

"Right now Trina's camp is accusing me of not doing enough to push her song 'Baps,'" Nicki said at the time in response to Saunders' comment. "I have my own schedule ... it's not fair that people don't understand that. I would never have someone from my team disrespect somebody that has been nothing but real to me."

Trina also addressed the drama during an Instagram Live at the time, saying, "There is no beef between me and Nicki Minaj. There will be no disrespect for Nicki Minaj or nobody else that's on my album."

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