The World’s First Takeoff Wax Figure Unveiled By Ohio Artist

The figure created by Mr. Officials honors the late Migos rapper who died in 2022.

Erika Goldring / Getty Images

An Ohio-based artist unveiled the world’s first Takeoff wax figure.

The mastermind behind the work goes by Mr. Officials, who revealed a wax statue of the late Migos rapper on Monday through his social media accounts.

In the video clip, Mr. Officials showed the creation of the wax figure in meticulous detail. He is seen stitching Takeoff’s hair strand-by-strand, spray painting, and adding accessories to recreate Take’s portrait from Migos’ Culture II album cover.

In his narration of the video, the artist revealed some dire circumstances he’s experiencing. Officials said he is closing down his business after three years of operations, will lose his car, and is at risk of becoming homeless.

“Now before you begin to feel sorry for me, I’m okay. My gift will make room for me because it always has,” he says in the video. “Even with all my losses, I still believe that this is my year. I’ve heard God say over and over, ‘Finish what you started.’”

Despite his precarious financial circumstances, Officials said he felt compelled to continue to create, in part due to inspiration from the late rapper.

“This young man I’ve been working on is deceased and yet I still feel a sense to pray for him. Praying for his soul, praying for his family, friends, and band members. That’s when it hit me: this will be the year that I take off," he said in the video.

Takeoff, born Kirsnick Khari Ball, was tragically shot and killed during an altercation in Houston in 2022. He was 28 years old. 

“God was using the life and legacy of the late rapper Takeoff to let me know that he has not forgotten about meAnd what’s funny is, this isn’t even my prayer. My prayer is not to have a new house, car, or new business. My prayer is for this to be your ‘Year of Takeoff.’ Your job will go to another level, your marriage will go to another level, even your finances and health will increase. I believe that this will be the year to take off.”

Mr. Officials previously went viral in 2022 for creating a life size wax figure for the late Nipsey Hussle that took him nine months to finish.

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