Steve Madden Tells Nicki Minaj to ‘Stop Lying’ About Turning Down an Offer

The U.K. girl group Little Mix and Bill Wackermann have also weighed in on the beef.

Nicki Minaj steve madden

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Nicki Minaj steve madden

Monday brought major developments in the ongoing Nicki Minaj and Cardi B feud. Though the two rappers have tabled the beef, for now, an explosion of accusations from both sides prompted outside players to confirm and/or deny claims from both parties.

Cardi claimed in one of her 10 Instagram videos that the clothing company Diesel made her an offer before later going to Nicki Minaj. Bill Wackermann, CEO of Wilhelmina models, then decided to go on Twitter to support Nicki. "Tell the truth Boo! That diesel deal was built AROUND the one and only Queen. #truthwillsetyoufree @nickiminaj @iamcardib - I've got the receipts,” he wrote in a since deleted Tweet.

He deleted the post after Cardi B fired back with her own receipts.

In response to Cardi’s claim about Diesel, Nicki tweeted Monday that she turned down an offer from Steve Madden. Cardi partnered with Steve Madden for a series of ads at the end of last year. “Irv Gotti asked me to do that deal several times. I passed,” Nicki tweeted.

Same thing with Steve Madden. Irv Gotti asked me to do that deal several times. I passed. You never hear me talking bout things like this. 🤣 she rlly thought she was doing smthn talking about turning down deals. BWAAAAAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAAA #DipVIDEO out now.


— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) October 30, 2018

Now the official Steve Madden account is caught up in the beef, claiming Nicki is lying and was never offered anything. “.@NICKIMINAJ you can't turn down an offer that was never made. #StopLying,” the tweet reads.

.@NICKIMINAJ you can't turn down an offer that was never made. #StopLying.

— STEVE MADDEN (@SteveMadden) October 30, 2018

In another one of her IG videos, Cardi said she was asked to appear on Little Mix’s single “Woman Like Me” before Nicki was, but chose to turn it down because she already has too many pop songs under her belt. She played a version of the song with a missing verse to prove it.

But the U.K. girl group, as Genius points out, is denying that claim, saying they asked Nicki first. “Both were approached by our label to work with us on 'Woman Like Me,' Nicki then Cardi," they wrote. 


— Little Mix (@LittleMix) October 30, 2018

Both artists seem to be telling their own versions of the truth, and it's hard to know exactly who to believe. Since the drama unfolded, Cardi and Nicki both said they are trying to focus on positivity. Let's see how long their latest truce lasts. 


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