Lil Yachty Would Turn Down a Nicki Collab Since He's Team Cardi (UPDATE)

In an interview TMZ's Raquel Harper, Yachty takes sides.

Lil Yachty team Cardi
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Lil Yachty team Cardi

UPDATED, Oct. 31, 10:45 a.m. ET: Raquel Harper says Lil Yachty's interview with BET was not edited in any way. "Zero edit with lil yachty on that clip didn't twist any words at all," she told Complex. "He said exactly that verbatim." 

UPDATED, Oct. 30, 12 p.m. ET: When one Twitter user said it would've been better if Lil Boat hadn't commented on Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B in the first place, he said "cardi show me too much love 4 me be in the dark about who I side w/. I fuck w nicki doe been did since elementary school.. they just twisted my words."

Here's the clip Yachty says twisted his words, from Raquel Harper's BET show Raq Rants:

Prior to the explanation, he tweeted:

See original story below.

Cardi B and Lil Yachty definitely play for the same team. In an interview TMZ's Raquel Harper on her BET late night show Raq Rants, Yachty explained that he is totally on Cardi B’s side when it comes to her beef with Nicki Minaj.

“Every time,” he emphasized in the clip above.

The Quality Control signee admitted he would turn down an offer to collaborate with Nicki Minaj for the sake of Cardi, who has a managment deal with QC. "I couldn't,” he said, referring to a hypothetical collab. “As much as I probably would want to.”

Yachty is not only loyal to Cardi, but her husband Offset. “You know Offset’s my big brother,” Lil Boat said when asked about his song “Who Want the Smoke?” featuring the Migos rapper and Cardi.


On Monday night, Cardi went on Instagram to lay out a 10-post rant about Onika, exposing her rival’s many alleged lies. Minaj then called for a truce on Twitter. “Let’s focus on positive things only from here on out,” Nicki tweeted, following her dramatic Queen Radio show earlier that day.  

Cardi seemed to accept Nicki’s truce. “Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!” she wrote on IG.

It’s unclear if things are really patched up between these two, but if so, Yachty may get to collab with Minaj after all.

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