Cardi B Is Starring in an Amazon Super Bowl Commercial

Now we all have to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, whether we like football or not.

Cardi B

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Cardi B

Cardi B isn’t finished poppin' up on your television after Sunday night’s Grammys. The rapper gave fans a sneak peak of a Super Bowl commercial she’ll be starring in for Amazon this coming Sunday. In the video, Cardi opens up an Amazon package and takes out a headset laughing. “I got it though, I got it,” she says putting it on. “Let’s get it started!”

What mysterious work is Cardi B doing for Amazon with this headset? Is she about to become the new voice of Alexa? Operate Amazon delivery drones? Narrate a new Audible book (maybe this one)? Looks like we’re all going to have to pretend to like sports on Sunday just to find out what’s going on with Cardi B and that headset.

This isn’t the first time Cardi B has starred in an ad campaign, and judging by her recent work with Steve Madden, Sunday’s Amazon commercial is guaranteed to be hilarious. 

On music's biggest night this past Sunday, Cardi B performed “Finesse” with Bruno Mars, who swept the award show. Though she didn’t win either of the two Grammys she was nominated for, her performance, full of ass-serving dance moves, proved to be one of the best of the night. 

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Now, Cardi B gets to show her face on one of the biggest nights in sports and commercials. This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles are playing the New England Patriots for Super Bowl LII.  


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