Bow Wow to Jamie Foxx's Accuser: 'Go Get a F*cking Job'

Bow Wow went on Instagram to defend Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman, who have both recently been accused of varying levels of sexual misconduct. He also shares some thoughts about the #MeToo movement.

Yesterday a sexual assault allegation against Jamie Foxx surfaced, after one woman filed a police report claiming the actor non consensually struck her with his penis back in 2002.

Though Foxx is in no danger of legal retribution, since the statute of limitations is a short three years in Las Vegas, Nevada where the assault allegedly took place, other famous men are flocking to Foxx’s defense.

Among them is Bow Wow, who went on Instagram to share his thoughts about the situation. In addition to defending Foxx, Bow Wow commented on the allegations against Morgan Freeman, calling both actors’ accusers liars. “I was going to let this shit slide. After Morgan Freeman, I said 'get the fuck outta here.' Now, Jamie...get the fuck outta here," he said. "A lot of y'all women need to get up off your mothafuckin' ass and get a job man. Go get a fuckin' job. Stop trying to use celebrities as a scapegoat. Cut that shit out. Nobody believe you."

Earlier this month, an investigative report by CNN revealed Freeman allegedly harassed a number of women he’s worked with on set, according to more than a dozen witnesses. Freeman denies the allegations.

Bow Wow also formed some kind of conspiracy theory about the #MeToo movement and one of its more prominent lawyers, although it’s not clear which one. He might be referring to Lisa Bloom or her mother Gloria Allred. "They hire the same fuckin' woman to represent them. It's the same story. Every week, it's somebody new," he said. "Y'all makin' it bad for women that's really out here getting touched and abused by mothafuckas. 'Cause ain't nobody going to be believin' them."

Gloria Allred represented Andrea Constand in the case against convicted rapist Bill Cosby and is representing a victim in a current rape case against Chris Brown’s friend Lowell Grissom Jr. Meanwhile, Bloom is representing Blac Chyna in her revenge porn lawsuit and other victims in cases against 50 Cent, Trey Songz, and Usher.

Foxx and his lawyer have vehemently denied the 2002 accusation and plan on filing a counter police report against the woman for “filing a false police report against him.”

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