The woman who filed a lawsuit against Usher for allegedly exposing her to genital herpes held a press conference Monday, where she aired her accusations against the 38-year-old artist, alongside lawyer Lisa Bloom. The woman, named Quantasia Sharpton, said Usher got her number through a security guard after he noticed her backstage at a concert she was attending for her birthday. She says he then called her from a blocked number to figure out which hotel she was at, and what her room number was.

From there, she claims they engaged in "sexual contact," but that he failed to warn her about potential STDs. She also says she tested negative for herpes, but emphasized she would not have had sex with Usher had she heard the current rumors. She also issued a public challenge to Usher to divulge whether or not he has, you got it by now, herpes.


Bloom also stepped up to the mic and said she didn't know if Usher would test positive or not, but that he's remained silent amidst media reports that state he has the viral condition.

Bloom has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Sharpton, an additional woman, and a man, who have all accused Usher of having sex with them after the alleged (but unconfirmed) positive diagnosis. Bloom also said one of these two accusers, who have not yet come forward publicly, has tested positive for herpes. The lawyer stated that she may file additional suits, as she has been contacted by others with similar claims. 

In addition to the money, Bloom said she wants a court order to result from the case that would require Usher to reveal his alleged STD status to future sexual partners.