Premiere: Parisian Label Nowadays Celebrates 5th Anniversary Starting With Clément Bazin And JT Soul's "XO"

A feel-good track in every sense.

Clément Bazin

Image via Publicist

Clément Bazin

As part of the fifth anniversary of Parisian label Nowadays, they have put together a compilation project, Nowadays V, a double disc project with the first disc full of new songs, and the second fan favourites of the past few years. One of these new songs come from producer Clément Bazin, who enlists the help of JT Soul on "XO".

The song is a feel-good number in every sense, with the uplifting instrumental built around percussive elements, expertly intertwined and married together, alongside the persuasive hook asking to dance. JT Soul also uses his voice in other interesting ways, including a tight-flowing rap verse, vocal effects, and clever lyrics throughout. 

"I worked on the beat at the beginning of summer and it had a cool, spontaneous, feel-good vibe," Bazin told Complex via email. "The idea fell into place quite easily and was all about about being funky and letting go. I just felt that life is heavy and you have to let go sometimes. I never understood how some people never go wild and lose their head from time to time; it could be partying like a monster, or just dancing alone. I think we all should do that, and this is the song to play! I gave the beat to JT and he told me right away that he had to work on it. JT has a really evolved understanding of music and he gave the track real emotional weight."

Nowadays V drops Nov. 30.

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