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In a conversation with DJ Akademiks, Tekashi 6ix9ine has said that he refuses to give money to his estranged father, who also happens to be homeless.

6ix9ine is known to flash his cash, constantly flaunting his wealth in front of fans and critics alike, but the controversial rapper’s dad hasn’t seen any of it. Earlier this month the rapper’s father Daniel Hernandez, who shares the same name as his son, said that he was frustrated he had not received support from 6ix9ine.

“I don’t have no… apartment,” he said. “He don’t know that I’m in the shelter. Now he’s gonna know… I’ve been here for, what, two years already? … [You’d] think he’d come up and hook me up with something. He gives money to everybody—here, here, here, here.” 

In 6ix9ine’s latest chat with DJ Akademiks, 6ix9ine explained his reasoning for not providing funds to his father. "Everybody knows I was abandoned at birth. Everybody knows that my biological father abandoned me at birth," explained 6ix9ine. "Right now, he's in a shelter smoking crack. The story of me not giving money to a crackhead who abandoned me at birth is getting more publicity than the positive things. Why? Because it's a trend to hate me."