De’Aundre Bonds and 50 Cent got into a slight social media squabble.

Earlier this week, Bonds—who plays the role of Skully on FX’s Snowfall—took to Instagram where he channeled his inner-Suge Knight.

“If you don’t want the executive producers all in the movie scenes all on the TV screen trying to steal the shine from the actors,” Bonds said into the camera. “Come to Snowfall.

Although a lot of executive producers end up acting in their own project, few do it on the level that 50 Cent does. This (and probably his own personal issues with Suge Knight) prompted Dr. Dre’s disciple to fire back.

“Every now and then i get a hater,” 50 captioned an Instagram post of Bonds crying on social media. “note to self, never give this n!66a a job Fuck outta here 🚦Green Light Gang.”

If 50 Cent decides to wage war against Snowfall, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s attacked a TV show. Like 50 did in the rap game, he didn’t shy away from this competition. Instead, he attacked the quality of Fox’s Empire and claimed that Power should be winning Emmys over the program.