21 Savage Shares Text From Jay-Z Explaining Why Having a Doctor, Lawyer, and Chef Is Important

During a recent appearance on with Math Hoffa, 21 Savage opened up about a discussion he had with Jay-Z regarding what he should spend his money on.

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During a recent appearance on My Expert Opinion with Math Hoffa, 21 Savage opened up about a discussion he had with Jay-Z regarding the top three things he should spend his money on.

“He just told me his top three things he spend his money on type shit,” 21 explains at around the 2:25 mark of the above clip. “We didn’t really have no financial conversation.”

Savage went on to reveal Jay-Z’s top three, which included a chef, doctor, and lawyer. He also joked that Hov’s doctor is significantly different than the Atlanta rapper’s doctor.

“He got a different level of doctor though. His doc and my shit is different,” 21 said, before saying that Jay’s doctor has the ability to “give you surgery at your house type shit.”

21 subsequently took to his Instagram Stories to share a picture of a conversation he had with Jay-Z, where Hov lists out the top three things he spends his money on and why.

“Can’t make no money / or spend money with your health ! Ha,’ Jay wrote in the text. “Freedom / lawyer / deals / lawyer... Chef / quality of life,” he continued.

21 Savage shares text message he received from Jay-Z

Elsewhere in the interview, Savage said him and Jay spoke about art. “He was telling me about art...I started investing in art and shit,” 21 said.

When asked if Jay discussed the world of NFTs with him, 21 revealed the conversation took place back in 2019, when NFTs hadn’t yet blown up.

Since he’s taken Jay-Z’s advice, 21 Savage says he has seen a difference in his quality of life.

“Hell yeah,” he shared. “I had a lawyer, but the chef, hell yeah. I eat cleaner. I don’t really got to leave the house as much...the doctor is convenient too. I hate hospitals and shit. It’s good to have on call.”

Check out 21’s full discussion about Jay-Z up top.

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