In just 19 days, 2021 has continued the chaos that helped make 2020 an infamously historic year. Wale decided to offset this hectic start by doing what he does best. 

Like a thief in the night, Wale snuck out his latest single "Good Vibes (Za)" early Tuesday. For this track, Word Play 'Le decided to cleanse the evil that is threatening to take over the world.

"And I'm so tired, all I need is good vibes/Shit ain't right on this side/All my n***as dying and the president be lying," Wale croons before going on to declare, "I want to fly, put the zaza in the sky."

He explains how he's protecting his peace during these trying times as well. "I'm burning sage in the studio before I let n***as near/I leave my weapon by the speaker so they hearing me clear," he raps. "I mean the money be cool, I did amazing this year/I mean I'm famous, but I'm drained, I need some prayer for real."

"Good Vibes" picks up where Wale left off last year. Although he didn't release a proper studio album, there was no shortage of music from the DMV staple. He released an onslaught of singles as well as his politically charged Imperfect Storm EP.

Listen to Wale's new single "Good Vibes" up top.