For unspecified reasons, Meek Mill has seemingly deactived both his Instagram and Twitter accounts with no prior warning.

Meek was active on social media as recently as Monday (Jan. 25), but the Philly rapper appears to have left social media as of Tuesday. Upon searching for @MeekMill on both sites, a message says that the account currently isn't available. It's unclear why or if he decided to take a step back from the two platforms, or if something sparked the decision if he did, in fact, leave by choice.

Typically fans will start to assume that a new project is on the way when an artist deletes or wipes their social media accounts, but Meek only released his most recent effort, Quarantine Pack, in November 2020. His last full-length release was 2018's Championships, so he could be gearing up to release something later this year. However, it's all speculation for now, leaving fans to wonder if his absence means anything.

Recently, Meek faced criticism after a heated exchange of his with another Philadelphia native on Clubhouse went viral. "Your dad is a rat. You a pussy," Meek said to the speaker, who disagreed with his suggestion that Black men don't uplift and support one another enough. "You come from Delaware, bro! ... Your pops is a rat. He grew up in the suburbs." He later apologized for the outburst. Around the same time, he faced backlash for a video that saw him give $20 to kids selling water in Atlanta.