Several of Kodak Black's famous associates are using their platform to urge President Trump to commute the rapper. The latest celebrity to try and sway Trump is the reigning NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson

On Tuesday, the quarterback took to Twitter, where he asked Trump to show his fellow Florida native some leniency. 

"Hey @realDonaldTrump @potus my friend @KodakBlack1k deserves to be commuted," Jackson tweeted. "The system punished him way to hard for a paperwork crime #freekodak."

Jackson's plea was followed by a reply from Black's lawyer, Bradford Cohen. Cohen applauded Jackson for coming to Black's aid and claimed that "fairness" wasn't being applied to his client's case. 

"The great and I mean great @Lj_era8 future hall of famer and good friend. Fairness is not limited to one case," Cohen tweeted. "46 months in a max prison for checking the wrong box on a form? Thank you Lamar #freekodak."

Jackson isn't the only public figure to come to Kodak's defense. The quarterback's tweet on Tuesday is nearly a spitting image of the one posted by Lil Yachty on Monday. This seems like the start of a campaign to make Black's freedom one of Trump's last executive actions.

Black's most recent attempt to have his sentence reduced was denied by federal prosecutors last week.