It appears that rumors of a Verzuz between Travis Scott and Future have been overblown.

On Monday, a tweet from the account @ComplxAmbition claiming that Timbaland’s manager said they were working out the details for a battle between the two heavyweights went viral.

The rumor spread online, with fans debating who would win in the face-off. However, Anthony Saleh, who helps manage Future, shot down the rumor.

In another tweet, @ComplxAmbition said that Gary Marella—who works with Timbaland—said it on Clubhouse on Monday.

Marella also did his part to clarify the rumor. "Someone mentioned that pairing on Clubhouse along [with] 3-4 other wishlist pairings they would like to see," he told Complex. "I simply said we will do what we can to make them happen. We’ve had no conversations [with] Travis or Future yet.”

While a battle between Travis and Future doesn’t seem imminent, a date has been set for Ashanti and Keyshia Cole’s face-off. Last week, Verzuz officially confirmed that the singers will go head-to-head on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. The event had been pushed back multiple times after Ashanti contracted COVID-19, and as virus cases have been surging across the U.S.