A 2020 Beats by Dre commercial featuring Flo Milli is receiving renewed attention this week.

The ad was first unveiled as part of a headphones campaign launched by the Apple-owned Beats back in November. The campaign, also featuring ads centered on Cordae and Naomi Osaka, was put together in promotion of the new Beats Flex headphones, with each 30-second clip focusing on racism and inequality. 

In the Flo Milli ad, which (at the time of this writing) does not appear on the Beats by Dre YouTube channel, is soundtracked by the Ho, Why Is You Here? cut "May I" and sees Milli emerging from a car parked near a confederate monument. As Milli approaches the statue, which—like all confederate monuments—is an eyesore, she lets out a laugh as the track kicks in and starts dancing.

While everyone is in agreement that confederate monuments are trash, the new wave of reactions to the Flo Milli-featuring Beats by Dre ad includes questions about the execution of the sentiment, among other things:

Complex has reached out to reps for Flo Milli and Apple.

Back in August, the Alabama artist spoke with Jessica McKinney for Complex, reflecting on the immediate acclaim she received after the release of the Ho, Why Is You Here? project.

"I wanted to know how it really feels to actually be reaping the rewards for your hard work, because I've worked so hard on that mixtape," she said at the time. "People don't even know what happened behind the scenes. But I really learned how it is to be a full-blown artist, and it's not easy."