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At the top of last year, we predicted that 2020 would bring a raft of experimentation from the UK drill scene, and what followed was one of the most exciting years in British music that saw all of our expectations surpassed.

It wasn’t just drill that dominated either; a glut of British rappers and MCs came bubbling to the surface, exploring countless different strains and subsets of hip-hop, and what we now have is a music scene with variety like no other. With live music still a far-off prospect, this new batch of artists have unfortunately been robbed of one of their most powerful tools, and their immediate access to fans. However, in 2021, this has given British rappers all the more time in the studio to work on their music and deliver ground-breaking singles, EPs and albums. 2020 gave us a hint of that, but 2021 is about to overwhelm us with chart-busting, experimental, era-defining rap music from our shores.

Here are 21 UK rappers to watch in 2021.