Drakeo The Ruler has not been shy about targeting rappers who have played off his image while he was in jail without paying proper homage. Yet, the artist who has been sitting squarely in Drakeo's crosshairs is Soulja Boy

Upon his release, Drakeo has made it clear that he's the only baby chopper to grace the rap scene. As a result, he's gone directly at Soulja Boy for adopting the "Big Draco" moniker while he was in prison. 

"There is only one Drakeo and that's me. There is no Big Draco or none of that shit niggas is talking bout!!" Drakeo wrote on his IG Stories.

As expected, Drakeo's shot awoke Soulja Boy. Once he caught wind of the diss, the rapper took to IG Live where he explained that he's the originator of internet rap.

"Anything you rap niggas done did, I already did it, nigga. Signing a record deal, I been did it. Fucking these groupie ass hoes, I been did it. Doing songs with these rap niggas, I been did it. Y'all niggas late, y'all niggas catching up. Going viral on the internet, I been did it. I don't need no songs with none of you pussy ass niggas," Soulja said before addressing Drakeo's comments directly. 

"You think you doing something, nigga? Boy, you ain't doing shit, boy," he continued. "Big Draco, nigga. The biggest Draco. Stop playing with me. Lame ass nigga. You will never be on my level."

Along with taking internet jabs at Soulja Boy, Drakeo made it clear that he and Soulja Boy aren't the same during his VladTV interview. Drakeo told Vlad that unlike Soulja Boy, he was in general population when he wasn't in solitary confinement. Yet, Soulja Boy—who was also in the Los Angeles County Jail at the time—elected to be in protective custody.

"Because what people don’t understand is when you in PC, you over there with like … punks, like all types of stuff bro," he explained. "You got gay people, you got snitches, you got child molesters… It’s a bad look where you’re supposed to be a rapper or whatever, living the street life or being around street people or carry guns in your videos and call yourself ‘Big Draco’ and all that – which is weird because my name is Drakeo."