The trend of deluxe albums won't end with the ever-innovative Kid Cudi

On Monday, Kid Cudi hopped on Twitter to interact with his loyal fanbase. In the process, he teased that a deluxe version of Man on the Moon III: The Chosen is on the way.

"Yeap, its called The Cudder Cut," Cudi said to a fan inquiring about a possible deluxe album. "and will feature a nice amount of new jams, some were cut for length, and a few surprises ;)"

Cudi confirmed the deluxe album after revealing to fans that he's prepared to follow up his Man on the Moon III album with more music in 2021. 

"Next year we back!!" Cudder said to his followers. "This shit aint over baby."

Cudi previously teased a deluxe version of the project earlier this month and said it will arrive in 2021.

Cudi also said that he plans to release more music videos and teased that Playboi Carti might be on the deluxe version of his album.

Kid Cudi once again proved that he was a generational talent with the release of his latest album. The album even broke a record—Cudi's MOTMIII cut "Beautiful Trip" became the shortest track to ever grace the Billboard Hot 100.