Despite the title, Verzuz was built on celebrating catalogs of established artists and promoting unity. It has also been the platform for media-promoted beefs—like the past tension between Brandy and Monica—and street confrontations sparked by music (Gucci Mane and Jeezy) to be laid to rest. Still, it's highly unlikely 50 Cent and Ja Rule would ever amicably grace this production. But if they did, Rule is confident he'd smash his arch-nemesis.

During his recent interview with HipHopDX, Ja Rule made it clear 50 isn't able to compete with his own career. "Listen, man," he said after claiming a Ja/50 Verzuz won't happen. "Everybody don’t want the smoke. Everybody don’t want this smoke. I got heat. Let me tell you something, when I do my shows, I can rock. I’m telling you, it’s like an hour of straight hit records. No filler. All crab meat, n***a. ... All meat in that motherfucking crab cake, n***a."

Ja Rule went on to explain that Verzuz is meant to be a positive atmosphere, not one steeped in bad blood. Instead of airing out their issues on Instagram Live, Ja Rule would rather run a real and proper fade with 50 inside a boxing ring. 

"Listen, man, I love Verzuz, I love what it is, I love to see artists getting in there and doing the shit—but if I did one, if I did do a Verzuz, I would want my Verzuz to be fun," he said. "That’s what Verzuz is supposed to be about—the celebration of music and the art, and the artistry. So, I would want my Verzuz to be fun, and filled with love in the room and shit, and that sort of thing. I’m too old to be in Verzuz beef, and to be in with my team of n***as, all my team of n***as, we’re like, ‘Come on, man.’ I’m 44, dog. Just get a boxing ring and we get in there, and we do that. All this other funny nutty shit, we ain’t doing that, man."

Watch Ja Rule's full comments on 50 Cent and Verzuz above.