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Though YNW Melly is currently behind bars in Florida, that didn't stop his mother from trying to make his birthday special. 

On Tuesday, a video surfaced on the internet of Melly's mother seemingly celebrating her son's belated birthday from a building across the street from the facility in Broward County, Florida. The video featured professional dancers twerking to Cardi B's "WAP" while wearing masks that read "Free YNW Melly." 

Melly could allegedly see the strippers from his cell while his mother, girlfriend, and friends showered the dancers with money in front of luxury cars.

"Going viral right now.... happy birthday ynwmelly somebody leaked the footage so fuck it it’s out now," one of the strippers from the video wrote on Instagram. She then went on to explain to a fan that Melly turned 21 in May but they are celebrating in November because it's "the birth of his alter ego."

YNW Melly has been in jail since February 2019 while he awaits trial for the double-murder of Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas, Jr. Melly tested positive for COVID-19 in April, but his subsequent request to be released on house arrest was denied.