YNW Melly

YNW Melly is a Florida rapper who began his career by uploading songs and snippets of recordings to Facebook and SoundCloud, quickly gaining a large following. Melly seemed to be on a career path to stardom, but his personal life would impede on his ability to record music. At age 16, he was involved in a shootout near his high school. YNW Melly was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of discharging a firearm in public. Over the next year, YNW Melly spent his time penning his next project in jail. During this period of incarceration, the rapper wrote “Murder on My Mind,” his most notable hit to date.

YNW Melly also released a myriad of singles, including “Virtual (Blue Balenciagas),” “Butter Pecan,” and “772 Love,” as well as two full-length albums, I AM YOU and WE ALL SHINE, the latter of which is highlighted by a Kanye West feature on the track “Mixed Personalities.” However, his newfound national success would collide with legal troubles and controversy in early 2019.  In February, YNW Melly was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the connection with the murders of YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, aspiring rappers who were part of his crew. In the weeks following his arrest, Melly and his crewmate YNW Bortlen were also reportedly named as suspects in the 2017 killing of an off-duty police officer in Florida. Since the double murder charges, YNW Melly’s music, specifically the track “Murder on My Mind,” have attracted extra attention on streaming platforms because of their parallels to Melly’s life story.

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