Lil Uzi Vert and Future unleashed their otherworldly joint project, Pluto x Baby Pluto, last week. After taking a deep dive into the album, fans now want to be fully immersed in the cultural sphere. As a result, they've discovered the stock version of the image used to make the project's cover art. 

The Our Generation Music social media platform showed its followers on Sunday the image that was altered for Uzi and Future's project. The cover art used for the project matches the feel of the album as its two warped and trippy looking astronauts floating through a twisted outer space landscape.

The original image is an illustration of two astronauts in space. Yet instead of things being distorted to the point it is barely recognizable, viewers can clearly see that the two spacemen are passing a soccer ball back and forth while they float through the great unknown.

Lil Uzi Vert x Future project
Image via Publicist
Astronaut play soccer game
Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens

It's either ironic or intentional that the video for Pluto x Baby Pluto's lead-off single, "That's It," has a reoccurring scene of Future and Uzi rapping their bars on a soccer field.

It should also be noted that this image is a simple Shutterstock picture. This keeps with the theme Future created when he used a stock image for the cover of his DS2 album and his classic collab album with Drake, What a Time to be Alive