Quando Rondo just had his show canceled by the Mayor of Georgia and the police department after word got out that Lil Durk and his crew might turn up. Beef has been boiling between the two since King Von's untimely murder just a few weeks ago.

Rondo took to Instagram Live the day of the show and appeared to be leaving the venue after he got a call that the show had been canceled. He's also seen wearing what appears to be a bulletproof vest, saying "I've been walking out, vest on all type of crazy."

It also appears that 600Breezy might have been involved in Rondo’s show cancellation. In a video posted to IG, Rondo’s friend implied that Breezy reached out to the mayor to call off the performance.

Following Von’s death, Breezy has been firing shots at Rondo, telling him to come to Chicago to perform his new song “End of Story.” Breezy seemed to take a jab at Rondo on Twitter, writing, “A whole hoe out chea.”

Last week, Quando Rondo dropped "End of Story" where he pleads his case in the fatal shooting of King Von, basically saying that he's not guilty of anything and that whatever happened was in self-defense. He also calls into question the surveillance footage that was captured moments before the shooting which shows Von attacking Rondo.

"Blood on your brother on the ground, gon' pick your mans up/ Damn right we scrеaming self defense, he shouldn't have never put his hands on me/ Look at the footage, that's all the evidence, see them pussy n***as shouldn't have ran up on me," Rondo raps on the track. 

The murder of King Von still has many in hip-hop upset, especially Lil Durk. Durk and Von were extremely close, and he, along with 21 Savage and several other rappers, have come to his family's aid in the wake of this tragedy.

It's still unclear whether Quando's show will be rescheduled, or if Lil Durk was directly connected to the cancelation.