NLE Choppa is celebrating his 18th birthday by releasing his new mixtape, From Dark to Light, on Sunday. 

Recently, Choppa has taken it upon himself to embark on a spiritual journey. This personal transformation coincides with his physical maturation, which is something he wants From Dark to Light to exemplify. 

"11:11 is an important angel number where you make a manifestation/affirmation come true," Choppa explains. "Every time I catch 11:11, I make an affirmation regarding my album. My birthday is 11/1. These are all angel numbers. The one in numerology represents new beginnings. So when I drop, new beginnings will form. It’s like walking through doors bigger than I can imagine."

Choppa introduces From Dark to Light with the song, "Bryson." This video and track serve as a metaphorical baptism as Choppa cleanses his sins to return to his roots. He does this by donning robes while traveling through the Memphis neighborhood that turned Bryson into NLE Choppa. 

Additionally, From Dark to Light also boasts features from Big Sean and INK.

Stream NLE Choppa's From Dark to Light below and watch his video for "Bryson" above.