2020 has been great to Lil Uzi Vert. Not only did he reignite the deluxe album trend, but he's also been sharing his hit-making ability with a plethora of artists—including a joint mixtape with Future. Yet despite being in the collaborative spirit, there's one rapper that won't get blessed by Uzi. 

On Saturday, Lil Uzi revealed that he is contemplating returning to mumble rap. This moved Lil Xan to lobby for a feature by asking Uzi if they could "mumble together." Yet, the always honest Uzi respectfully declined this invitation.

"I mumble alone," Uzi replied to Xan in a now-deleted quote tweet.  

Normally, features are either approved or passed behind closed doors. But, Uzi openly denying Xan a verse had his fans in a frenzy.