Travis Scott lent his Midas touch to the Golden Arches, helping McDonald's wade through the pandemic. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that sales at McDonald's Corp. rose 4.6 percent in July, August, and September when compared to the same three-month period last year. This follows a quarter when McDonald's sales were down nearly 9 percent from the previous year after the company was forced to close dining rooms due to COVID-19. 

The company attributes this growth to the partnership it did with Scott. This new marketing move helped the corporation gain momentum as the Travis Scott meal became one of McDonald's most sought after menu items. Scott's personalized meal was also accompanied by exclusive merchandise that only added to the meal's allure.

Scott was the first entertainer to be featured on the menu since Michael Jordan let McDonald's create the McJordan meal in 1992. McD's has decided to capitalize on the success of the Scott meal by adding more celebrities to the line-up. Stepping up to the plate next is international sensation J. Balvin whose personalized meal will include a Big Mac, fries, and an Oreo McFlurry. 

"We've been pushing ourselves recently to go beyond our traditional comfort zones," McDonald's U.S. chief marketing officer Morgan Flatley explained. 

While it's easy to give Travis Scott all the credit, it should be noted that McDonald's made structural changes to its operation that also aided in this success. The chain has been focusing on speeding up its drive-through operation so guests can be served in a timely manner while dining rooms are still closed.