As Hit-Boy gears up for the release of his collaborative album with Griselda's Benny the Butcher, the producer has reflected on how persistence and timing collided to give birth to the project's upcoming single. 

Benny and Hit-Boy announced this week that the first single Burden of Proof, "Timeless" featuring Lil Wayne and Big Sean, will drop on Friday. This moved Hit-Boy to explain that the beat used for "Timeless" was actually created nearly 10 years ago for Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album.

"Aight so I wanna let all my producer Homies know you should never give up on any of your ideas. The beat for This new @getbenny single ft @liltunechi and @bigsean dropping tomorrow was made in 2011 at the Mercer hotel for jay z and Kanye west #watchthethrone it wasn’t picked," Hit-Boy captioned a video of Big Sean rapping a piece of his verse on the song. 

Watch the Throne was a fruitful experience for Hit-Boy. It served as his coming out party and gave him the opportunity to produce one of the biggest rap songs in history with "N***as in Paris." Still, he believes the "Timeless" instrumental better showcased his abilities than some of the beats that landed on WTT

"I was actually hot I made a beat this good and they picked something like n***as in Paris which was one of my more simple beats," he continued ON ig. "That was a blessing in disguise. I needed NIP at the time to open more doors. 9 years later it’s Benny single #timeless."