By now, fans know that Young Thug is an eclectic man of many traits. But, the photo of Thugger showing Lil Durk something on a computer has blossomed a useful meme because it seems both on-brand and out of place at the same time. Now, Durkio has finally revealed what Thug was showing him on the monitor. 

This weekend, Durk was surfing through the internet when he stumbled across a joke claiming that he's consistently leveled up since Thug showed him how to work that computer. The rapper decided to add to the humor by stating that Thug showed him what 20 million looks like. 

That "20 million" could be in reference to the checks Durk has been running up this year. Along with being featured on Drake's hit single, "Laugh Now, Cry Later," Durk made an appearance on Nas' new album with Hit-Boy King's Disease and is gearing up for the release of his own project, The Voice. Durk could also be talking about how much the free game Thug gave him is worth and how he flipped it into something profitable. Or... Thug could've literally shown him 20 million. 

While the mystery of this photo lives on, it is safe to say that Durkio had a great 2020 despite COVID-19 hindering the music business.