Kodak Black is gearing up for a lawsuit due to the way he's been treated behind bars. 

Per TMZ, Kodak and his legal team are taking aim at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the organization's director, and the warden of the Big Sandy maximum security prison where the rapper is being held in a new lawsuit.

Black was moved to the Kentucky prison in October 2019 following an altercation at a Miami facility that resulted in the injury of a correctional officer. Black's complaint claims that the officers in Kentucky responded to these accusations by "gang beating" him shortly after he arrived in an incident that included guards "flicking" him in his testicles. 

Black also claims that he's been the habitual target of punishment and mistreatment despite obeying the rules. One of these unnecessary infections allegedly led to Kodak being placed in a backless paper gown and being placed in a four-point restraint for more than six hours with no access to the restroom. As a result, Black was forced to urinate and defecate on himself with the guards laughed. His attorneys claim that there are medical records that prove this treatment caused mouth bleeding, lacerations, and vomiting. Kodak went on to accuse the Big Sandy guards of forcing him to kneel while he was soaking wet execution-style in just his underwear. This not only caused him pain but also resulted in emotional distress and humiliation. 

But the final straw came when the authorities reportedly refused to let Kodak see his rabbi. Per the lawsuit, Black is a practicing Hebrew Israelite. But, his requests to see his rabbi and fully practice his religion have been ignored even though other inmates have access to their clergy of choice. This has moved Black and attorneys Bradford Cohen, Robert Buschel, and Jonathan Schwartz to sue so that the rapper is moved to a lower level prison he also wants his legal fees covered.