It appears that Kodak Black is on his way to converting to Judaism.

TMZ reports that the rapper hasn’t been allowed to speak with a rabbi in order to practice the religion from behind bars.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, told the outlet that he’s gearing towards filing a lawsuit if his client doesn’t receive a consultation with his own rabbi—or any rabbi—soon. Kodak has seemingly requested a meeting for months; Cohen said they’ll sue for a violation of Kodak’s First Amendment right to practice his religion if his request is not honored.

Cohen also explained that Kodak isn’t yet officially Jewish but identifies with the religion. It apparently doesn’t help his conversion efforts if he can’t have a face-to-face with his rabbi. However, it appears COVID-19 factors into this issue as well, as Cohen conceded that the chaplain at Kodak’s Kentucky facility emailed them to say that in-person meetings have been nixed because of the pandemic. However, the chaplain also said speaking on the phone with the rabbi should be doable.

According to TMZ, Kodak is so insistent on speaking with his, or any, rabbi and a Torah because he thinks it will benefit his mental health. Kodak feels like God has a plan for him, and he wants to discuss it with a religious leader.

While the Bureau of Prisons wouldn’t comment on Kodak’s situation, they reportedly told TMZ they make a major effort to fulfill inmates’ religious needs.