Cardi B has been one of the most outspoken celebrities when it comes to police brutality and systemic racism, particularly when it comes to the murder of Breonna Taylor.

In wake of the recent news surrounding her case, Cardi took to Instagram, where she blasted Attorney General of Kentucky Daniel Cameron over a ballistics report that doesn’t back his claims that Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot an officer.

“I told you motherfuckers. I did a video a couple of days ago talking about this—that I will not believe the [Attorney General] or a fucking D.A. office with this bullshit ass story that they took so long to put out about this Breonna Taylor shit,” Cardi said in an Instagram video on Monday. “I told y’all n****s I’m not going to believe the story because I heard the story out of Breonna Taylor’s own momma. So what am I going to believe? Breonna Taylor’s momma or these motherfuckers? I’m going with Breonna Taylor’s momma.”

In the same video, Cardi also condemned those in her Instagram comments who “jumped to conclusions” about Walker’s part in the shooting. Walker has maintained that he fired a warning shot because the cops didn’t announce themselves and he thought they were intruders.

The video comes after a new Kentucky State Police ballistics report raised doubts about Cameron’s assertions that Walker shot one of the officers before cops shot back with over 30 rounds. The report states that the 9mm bullet that struck officer Jonathan Mattingly was neither “identified nor eliminated as having been fired” from Walker’s gun. However, Cameron rejected “friendly fire” as the reason that Mattingly was hit by a bullet. 

The report arrives after Cameron announced that only one officer would be charged in Taylor’s murder. Last week, a grand jury indicted Brett Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment for gunfire that hit the walls of Taylor’s white neighbors. The other two police officers faced no charges.

Meanwhile, Cameron said on Tuesday that he never actually recommended charges against any of the officers, CBS News reports. As Yamiche Alcindor point points out, Cameron previously sad that it was only the grand jury that chose not to indict any of the officers in her death.

On Wednesday, NBC News reported that Cameron wants to delate the release of the grand jury proceedings in case by a whole week.

He reportedly filed a motion with the court seeking more time to"redact personal identifiers of any named person, and to redact both names and personal identifiers of any private citizen. He also wants to protect "private citizens named in the recordings."

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