Bow Wow has gotten on the bad side of XXXTentacion fans after teasing a new song.

Bow Wow took to social media this weekend to share a video clip of a new track, called “Bad Vibes,” with a broken heart logo, according to XXL.

“Skeletons in my closet, yea I walk with that/I'm 4-5 with the comeback, I ain't lost a step,” Bow Wow raps on the song. “Now they wanna cancel me/I Harlem Shake that bullshit off, come dance with me/All the money in the world can't buy a piece of mind/Niggas pocket watching with they hands in mind/Having bad days know Uncle Snoop gon' hit my line/Just to check up on his nephew and make sure he fine/Real love, dawg, that's hard to find these days/That's why I stay to myself 'cause that's the safest place.”

He tweeted the snippet, writing, “Bow Wow with the braids is back.” Yet the only thing that XXX followers saw were the similarities between Bow Wow’s song title and XXX’s posthumous album, Bad Vibes Forever. They also pointed out that the cover art was the same as X’s broken heart logo.

XXX’s friend DJ Scheme replied to Bow Wow’s since-deleted tweet, writing, “Delete this lil bro trust.” Bow Wow shared the same snippet to Instagram, which he also deleted.

It’s unclear if the song was a tribute to XXX, but fans didn’t seem to see it that way. Bow Wow has yet to respond to the situation.