Ronny Jackson, a retired Navy admiral who is now running to represent Texas' 13th congressional district this year, has messed with Rihanna's fanbase. 

Rihanna recently shared a tweet and Instagram post that showcases art that proudly reads "FUCK TRUMP." When Jackson caught wind of where the artwork was, he responded to Rihanna, tweeting, "Painting 'F**k Trump at Cadillac Ranch isn't 'art,' @rihanna, it's total disrespect to our country," Jackson wrote, ignoring how Trump is considered responsible by many for the high number of coronavirus cases in Texas.

"Here's a 'Wild Thought:' if you want to save your career by badmouthing @realDonaldTrump, maybe 'work work work' on a new strategy," he wrote, embarrassing himself further. "Not going to fly here. Texas is TRUMP country!"

Less than a day after he tweeted in response to Rihanna, he posted a picture of the artwork defaced to read "Trump 2020 #Rihanna." He added, "Hey @rihanna, we fixed your 'art' for you. Next time you're in Texas, don't forget, THIS IS TRUMP COUNTRY!"

It is unclear if he was responsible for defacing the art, or if some MAGA twerp nearby had nothing better to do and did it on Jackson's behalf. 

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna's loyal fans were none too happy about Jackson's tweet. Many responded to the Republican, calling him "embarrassing" and a liar for insisting Texas is "Trump country." Some also highlighted the high number of coronavirus cases in Texas, with over 560,000 infections in the state as of Monday.

See what Rihanna fans had to say below.