FKA twigs has just dropped a stunning video for a track from her critically-acclaimed 2019 album, Magadalene.

Directed by Hiro Murai of AtlantaBarry, and the "This Is America" music video fame, FKA twigs' "Sad Day" video is yet another captivating showcase for her. Featuring an intricate sword fight starting in a shop before transitioning to the street, the video appears to be a tribute to the Chinese film genre of wuxia. Gliding through the air, it all gets a little Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and that's maybe the highest praise you can give a video. As it comes to a surreal ending that brings reality crushing back down, "Mirrored Heart" from the same album soundtracks the credits. 

"Everything I’ve previously done with my body, all the training and dancing, has led to this point," she said in a press release for the video, which also notes that she spent the last three years training in the Chinese martial art of wushu. Prior to the release of the video, she interviewed Yung Lean for Interview Magazine and mentioned her three favorite hobbies are "pole dancing, sword fighting, and piano." 

Just last month, twigs dropped the short film We are the Womxn. She also collaborated with rapper 645AR, and to coincide with the video's release she shared a letter detailing her fundraising plans in support of sex workers.

Watch the video for "Sad Day" above.