Upon celebrating the two-year anniversary of Astroworld, Travis Scott shared a note that thanked fans for their support and sparked fervent speculation. He ended the note with, "Let's keep the ride going see you in Utopia." Almost immediately, a large number of fans assumed that Utopia is the title of his next record, which he is assumedly working on at the moment.

However, his close collaborator and DJ Chase B has shot down that speculation in an interview with HipHop-N-More. "Oh nah, it’s not," he replied when asked if the next record from La Flame will be entitled Utopia. "I think that’s just him being Trav. Just feeling good, in the moment." It is worth noting that Chase B did confirm he has his own album out later this year via Columbia Records, and he's also working on a joint record with Cactus Jack Records artist Don Toliver.

During a .WAV Radio show last month, Chase B and Travis Scott spoke about new Cactus Jack music on the way, and they mentioned an album called Escapism. Speaking with HipHop-N-More, Chase B clarified that Escapism is his collaborative effort with Don Toliver, not Travis Scott. "Oh yeah, there was a lot of confusion regarding that," he explained. "Nah, we just have a lot of music we’re working on together. As far as a project, we don’t have any type of plans regarding that in the near future. Travis is working on his album, I’m working on mine." 

While the follow-up to Astroworld might not be called Utopia, it's nice to know that Trav's next full-length effort is in production.