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42 Dugg wants to get the focus back on the music. 

On Monday, Dugg released the music video for "Big 4's," where we find the Detroit native showing off various degrees of stunting, ranging from dropping an exorbitant amount of cash on a brand new Lamborghini to casually hopping off the private jet. "Big 4's" is one of the nine new tracks off the deluxe version of his mixtape, Young & Turnt 2, which came out in June.  

Dugg was booked on a third-degree felony fleeing charge last week, and released on a $20,000 bond. The 25-year-old rapper had been pursued by authorities for nearly two months for evading a police officer after his car was pulled over. Dugg was allegedly behind the wheel of a 2020 Chevy Tahoe that ran a stop sign, and was flagged down by an officer. As the cop was approaching the vehicle, the driver sped off. 

The police were able to run the license plates where they discovered that the car was being rented by an unnamed promoter, who only had one client: 42 Dugg. Surveillance footage also appeared to show Dugg was the one driving the car at the time of the incident. 

Earlier this month, Dugg delivered the visuals for "Turnt Bitch," which heavily features a bevy of dancing women on a party bus. 

You can watch the music video for "Big 4's," which was directed by Tremaine Edwards and features a cameo from Yo Gotti, up top via YouTube.