50 Cent was spotted at a restaurant in New Jersey Wednesday night, where he allegedly got into an altercation and began throwing chairs and furniture at an instigator who was the same aspiring rapper that he had problems with in the past.

TMZ shared a video that shows 50 having dinner at an outdoor patio restaurant in Edgewater, New Jersey, when a man approaches him from outside the plastic barricade between the patio and the street. Things then escalated after a verbal exchange, and 50 began throwing chairs through the plastic at the rapper before leaving the patio to his vehicle. 

According to TMZ, law enforcement said that there were no arrests made and that they would not be pursuing any charges. While it is unclear who the man was based on the video alone, onlookers and sources close to 50 said that it was the same rapper who got into an altercation with 50 last year because the G-Unit rapper wouldn't look at his Instagram.

The aspiring rapper, who goes by the name NFL DUME, approached 50 a year ago asking him to look at his Instagram account, to which 50 declined. The two had a brief back-and-forth, in which 50 was trying to explain to him that he wasn't going to look at his stuff because his approach was entirely wrong, no matter how passionate he was. 

And, of course, in true trolling 50 Cent fashion, after the altercation went semi-viral he released shirts that read "Just look at my IG, your shit ain't gonna work." 

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