Smino and J.I.D gave listeners a taste of the magic they could create together on Revenge of the Dreamers III. They've both also forged their own respective relationship with producer Kenny Beats. Now, Smino and J.I.D have decided to let Kenny provide the instrumental on their new track "Baguetti."

The trio released the track on Monday. As expected, J.I.D and Smino flex their lyrical flexibility in their unique ways. Smino twists sounds and pronunciations to make words rhyme with onomatopoeias while J.I.D shows off his variety of flows. 

"Man I miss my dogs, took off the roof/Took that shit off, sped right to you," Smino croons before opening up with a flurry of bars. 

"She said 'I need a mani and pedi, bae'/Go ask your Mammy, so petty, dang/I do not roll up no regular, my name ain't Reggie, I regulate," Smino spits. J.I.D picks things up where Smino left off after the chorus. 

"Can I holla at you? Hallelujah, girl you a jalapeño, you the hottest hollow points in the nina," the Dreamville artist raps. 

The track also further shows Kenny Beats' range as a producer. Along with branding the base-heavy beats that attracted acts like ALLBLACK and Key!, Kenny proved that he can allow the instrumental room to breathe so that melodic artists like Smino and J.I.D can do thier thing. 

Listen to "Baguetti" above or below via Spotify.