NLE Choppa bares his soul on his latest single, "Narrow Road," featuring Lil Baby

For this record, Choppa relies on his melodies to tell a story of pain and resilience. "They tell me think smart, I know right from wrong/They say I'm going to get life with this dirty chrome," Choppa sings. "From where you rather take a life before they take your own/And bitch I been through some shit I come from a broken home."

In October the official video dropped, which you can now view above.

Choppa goes on to touch on how his drug use began at an early age and how it's impacted his mentality in the song's chorus. 

"I just copped the Range Rove with some forgis/Sipping codeine, feeling like a dope fiend/He say I'm not a killer that nigga don't know me," Choppa raps. "My OG told me put in work when I was 14."

This sets the stage for Lil Baby to step up to the plate and add to his hit streak with a verse that plays perfectly into the song's theme. 

"Road getting narrow, slimmer and slimmer/Pray to God that I forget, try my best not to remember/It's a cold, cold world and I was born in December," Lil Baby raps in a monotone voice before opening up into his known melodic cadence. 

"I ain't got much to say but 'Fuck the task force'/Keep minding my business over my way and run my cash up," Baby continues. "Sometimes I just ride around with my stick inside my lamb truck."

This is the first time Lil Baby and NLE Choppa have joined forces on a record and it comes after Choppa released his remix to Baby's "Emotionally Scared" called "Different Day."

Listen to NLE Choppa's "Narrow Road" up top. The rapper announced his debut studio album, Top Shotta, will be released next Friday (Aug. 7).